What social media sites are right for your business?

It’s obvious that in today’s modern world of marketing, social media is increasingly important and that all businesses should be making sure they have a presence on social media.

But which ones?

With so many different social sites, it can be difficult to know how many and which ones you should be present on. It’s important not to spread yourself too thinly, so unless you are able to manage pages on all of them, its best to just pick a few that are right for you.

Every business is different, with different customers and target audiences, so in order to know which sites you should be on, you will need to know who your customers are.

Here’s a run down of some social media demographics & statistics to help you decide;

Facebook – 1.6 Billion users

  • Number 1 social media platform globally
  • 30% of users are aged 25-34
  • 91% of those aged 15-34 use Facebook

YouTube – 1 Billion users

  • Even spread of age & gender
  • Good universal platform for videos
  • Men spend 44% more time online

Instagram – 430 Million users

  • 39% aged 16-24
  • 90% under the age of 35

Google+ – 440 Million users

  • 41% aged 18-24
  • 74% of users are male

Twitter – 325 Million users

  • 65% under age of 34
  • 53% expect response with an hour of tweeting a brand

Pinterest – 110 Million users

  • 62% female users
  • 70% users act on content they find in some way

LinkedIn – 429 Million users

  • 79% over the age of 35
  • 79% of users are male

Snapchat – 200 Million users

  • 71% under the age of 34
  • 70% of users are female

These demographic statistics should help you to determine which other social media channels are right for both your business and your customers. I personally advice that all businesses aim to be on Facebook and Google+ at least, everything else is a bonus!

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